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HOPE Farm is a long-term leadership development program that guides at-risk boys, without the benefit of a positive male role model in their homes, from the time they are 5-7 years old until high school graduation and beyond. Since 1989, you have helped us serve hundreds of at-risk boys and moms in Fort Worth, breaking the cycle of fatherless families... There is still work to be done!

our approach

HOPE Farm's Approach

We all have a role to play in building thriving families and communities.


Boys + Moms

Mom's Resource Program

Our ministry also focuses on the depth and process of developing our Moms.


Become A Sponsor

Become A Sponsor

Invest in what God is doing in Fort Worth to teach our boys to be Godly men.


Real Impact

  • Gold is gold, no matter where you find it. The children in this community are gold, they just need to be given a chance.
    Mr. Gary Randle
  • HOPE Farm sows the word of God to harvest men of God. HOPE Farm is a game changer.
    Mr. Noble Crawford
  • I love each and every staff member for they all deposited something wonderful in me and my son!
    Ms. Shillette Busby
  • The boys are bright, funny and a joy  to be around. Each time I'm at HOPE Farm I'm reminded of what really matters – happy successful futures for these boys.
    Ms. Leah Overcash

Stories, updates and more from HOPE Farm


God’s Promise

As I reflect on this year, I am reminded of God’s promises and consistent faithfulness to the ministry of Hope Farm. Three years ago, we …